Greetings from New Orleans!

After years of leading a band under the name of “Rick Trolsen’s New Orleans Po’Boys,” we have finally recorded a CD. As I had always envisioned it, I had the great local artist, Bunny Matthews, to do the artwork. With the help of my friends, Charlie Fardella, Bruce Brackman, John Rodli, Russell Welch, Steve Braun and Benji Bohannon, the project turned out wonderful! As usual, I stay busy doing many sideman gigs, local and out of town, but the road life just ain’t my thing. Even staying at a 5 star hotel seems blasé’ to me.

Lately, I have been picking up solo piano work, a hat I have worn from time to time throughout my career. It’s very enjoyable for me; as the entire band is at your fingertips, as well… so are the tips :-) 

As for my “Bone”, I enjoy an occasional visit to the American Queen with Tom Hook and the New Orleans All Stars Band. Working with Lena Prima is of course, always a pleasure. The Spotted Cat with Ben Polser and the New Orleans 6 is a regular Wednesday night gig I attend. And as luck would have it; I pick up many corporate events. I feel very blessed to have made a living playing music now for the last 32 years.

Thank Ya’ll for visiting my page! ~Rick