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Thanks for visiting my page! Youzer!

Presently I hear gun shots, lots of them… Well, I guess that’s just part of life, especially here New Orleans, the city that care forgets constantly…  Anyhow, we keep moving until our time is up. After a long year of grief, loss and sorrow, I seem to be getting back on my horse. Composing, playing piano, quit smoking now for a month and in general embracing Life again. It feels good. Festival season is rearing its head once again here in the Crescent City. (In all reality, it never stops.) So I’m blowin’ the horn and banging the keys everyday in some sort or another.

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Regularly reoccurring performances are:

Fridays from 5-7 at The Old Point Bar playing solo piano
Sundays from 6:30-9:30 the Chophouse Restaurant playing solo piano