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Nov 17 / neslort

New Orleans, LA – 11/17/10

Oct 28 / Michaelino

Mystical Scam CD Release Celebration: November 17th @ Blue Nile

CD Release Party Upcoming for Mystical Scam

Hey Ya’ll,

Click to Buy at Louisiana Music Factory!

We’re really excited to let you know that our “Mystical Scam” CD release celebration is scheduled for Wednesday, November 17th at the Blue Nile Lounge at 532 Frenchmen St. in New Orleans. The show begins at 10:00 pm.  The CD features the alternative jazz sound of Neslort. It was recorded in July, mixed and mastered at Misha Kachkachisvili’s studio in Metairie La., Axis Studio.

Featured are Larry Sieberth on keys, Tim Robertson on Guitar, Matt Perrine on Bass, Boyanna Trayanova on drums and Kyle Cripps on Tenor and Soprano Sax. Needless to say, the band is slammin’!

Also, if you can’t make that date, we will be playing at the Snug Harbor (626 Frenchmen St.) on Sunday, November 28th!

Please come out and be a part of the Neslort experience!

Look around this site for more info.   By the way, our store has now Primordial Infused Neslort T-shirts, Caps (and  soon stickers)!!  And you can get a sneak peak at the Enhanced CD portion of this release in our online video clips

Purchase and Download Mystical Scam at Threadhead Records Now

Wonga Winga!

PS…..You can purchase this album right now using links behind the images at right

Oct 21 / neslort


Wow, I know its already Thursday, but I have a moment to reflect on this past weekend when I had the opportunity to hang with some “Threadheads.” Yea, the people who participate generously to support New Orleans music and New Orleans musicians. They do it because they like what we do here, and they like New Orleans. They gain nothing except satisfaction, new friends, and good times. It sure was great to meet the people that have helped produce our effort, “Mystical Scam.” It’s encouraging to see such a grassroots organization achieve great success!

Oh by the way, I forgot to mention….

“Mystical Scam” is now available everywhere! Drop what you are doing, and go buy a copy of it today. I can promise that you will feel better after listening to it!

Oct 4 / Michaelino

It’s Coming….

Aug 31 / neslort

New Orleans, LA – 08/31/10

Aug 23 / neslort

Off to the Manufacturer!

Mystical Scam, our new CD dedicated to all of the organizations, religious or not, that promise us wealth, health, happiness, 20 virgins awaiting us in heaven after we kill 3000 people and the such… is in printing now! Our projected release will be in October.

The 10 songs recorded are killing!

Stay tuned for further news.

Aug 9 / neslort

New Neslort Recording in post production!

That’s right folks, we finally got into the studio. 3 days of recording, trying our best NOT to get it perfect, very little makeup was applied. We like it raw, like our oysters, eerrp, well, like we used to like them. Included on the CD will be some video of us performing. So right now, we’re putting the package together. Lot’s of team work going on, Rick Olivier on the still photos, Richard Thompson on the video, Misha Kachkachishvili engineering the sound, and my favorite “Threadhead,” Michael Tomb on the CD design. Me??? I’m working nights washing windows at the Entergy building trying to pay all this off! At least it’s cool way up there!

OK, so I have started “blogging.” Let’s see how much bullshit I can come up with as time marches on. Oh, by the way, is it ok to use “naughty” words in one’s own blog? I hope the fuck so, cause if there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s censorship. And that’s a subject I will address in my next blog. There’s a soapbox I will willingly stand on!

I hope someone actually reads this…..or not.

I will close with this bit of wisdom…..SECURITY BREEDS INSECURITY!

Aug 1 / Michaelino

Transmission = New Neslort Soon

I just received another transmission from Neslortia….

new Music is now imminent.

This may mean extended celebration in those communities that have been anxiously awaiting “The Return”.

You may want to start thinking about securing your place in line in that case….

Apr 27 / Michaelino

New Orleans, LA – 04/27/10

Mar 19 / neslort

New Orleans, La. – 03/19/10