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Brand new and hot off the press, “Rick Trolsen’s New Orleans Po’Boys” displays the fun, humor and honesty impeccably within the Traditional Jazz genre. Featuring Charlie Fardella, Bruce Brackman, John Rodli, Steve Braun and Benji Bohannon, this disc includes 6 original’s penned by Rick. This recording will make you wanna smile, dance and sing!



That’s right folks, with the help from Threadhead Records, our latest effort, “Mystical Scam” is out! Dedicated to those persons, organizations and/or clubs that promise wealth, health, happiness and eternal bliss (Charges most likely will apply at a later date,) Mystical Scam dashes through a myriad of styles, pulling from straight ahead rock, middle eastern, jazz funk, and hip hop, along with a liberal dose of  group improvisations.

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Download Available- Buy this album  from Threadhead Records! .Also Mystical Scam  is  now available for download on iTunes.



Martian Circus Waltz. The spirit and inspiration of the late Frances Vincent Zappa continues to rain down upon the planet, showering the sphere in the warm dewy wetness of his creativity and genius. Clearly caught in the downpour without an umbrella, overcoat, hat or galoshes is the New Orleans group, Neslort, a heady jazz-funk-whatever-you-make-of-it ensemble that recalls the mustachioed Mr. Zappa’s humorous operatic art-rock phase of the late 70’s. Mixing fink and jazz with a liberal dose of pleasantly sarcastic humor, the band displays a lotof what in the 70’s would have been called “chops” intricate horn chars followed by stretched out jams featuring plenty of all out blowing. And most importantly, as the band plays it’s impressive and innovative music, it does so without a whiff of pretense.       James Lien ~~~SORRY, NO LONGER IN PRINT


Rick Trolsen‘s latest recording “Gringo Do Choro” is a beautiful collage of his New Orleans roots and his newfound “love affair” with the music of Brazil. With an exceptional lineup of cats from Rio beside him, they take the listener on a colorful journey that extends from the top of Sugarloaf Mountain, down through the favelas, to the shores of Copacabana. What I find particularly amazing about the CD, is how Rick makes his trombone sound like a drum at times, at others like a human voice or even wild creatures from the jungles of the Amazon.

If you’re a lover of Brazilian music, this CD is a must get! And if you don’t particularly care for Brazilian music, get it anyway, ‘cuz it’s bad!!! ~Nicholas Payton

New Orleans Lullaby

On New Orleans Lullaby, Trolsen and the band offer excellent versions of songs that fill this city’s air. It starts with the rich tones of Trolsen’s trombone mournfully alone ‘singing’ “What a Wonderful World.” …all about New Orleans and tradition with a sweet tribute to his adopted hometown on an album full of classic jazz standards.

Offbeat Magazine April 2006
By Geraldine Wyckoff


Sunrise On Bourbon Street. The musical interpretations of Trolsen take the listener back in time, to the days of Bourbon Street when jazz music itself was a risqué and sexy taboo in society. The sound from the ragtime piano, simple back bass beat, and rough brassy sound of Trolsen’s trombone simply screams of what makes New Orleans the unique city it is, and allows the listener to truly experience the essence of NOLA.
Sheri McKee – Where Y’at Magazine